NLP Success Coaching

The difference that makes the difference...

NLP teaches you how to run your brain rather than your brain running you!

Through us working together, you will learn and experience the powerful impact of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I teach the tools and techniques of NLP and share the secrets of personal excellence! Using a coaching approach I guide individuals in establishing goals and on achieving them as quickly as possible.

One of the very first questions that I will ask you is:

"What is it that you want?"

Most people then begin to give a full description of the problem that they have, and where they believe it came from, either in their personal or business life.

Whilst understanding where you are is important, it is vital to set a direction for change and to know where to point your brain, so the "what is it that you want?" question is crucial in the change process! We spend very little time in the past - purely because it is over. The present is here and the future is coming... how will you shape them?

I always start off with the belief that change is possible - then my goal is to help you achieve your change as quickly as possible, and in the fewest number of sessions!

My clients, both personal and business invariably enjoy the journey and a frequent complaint is that they would have liked more sessions but didn't actually need them!

Change can be really quick!

So what is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Created by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970's.

NLP studies the way that we filter and represent our experience through our neurology Neuro... it studies our language and non verbal means of communication through which we communicate with self and others. Linguistic And it studies and provides tools to change our programming, the habitual ways that we think, communicate and behave.

Dr Richard Bandler - co creator of NLP describes his life work as being about freedom. He wants people to learn how to use NLP and to experience it's impact in the ways that he intends. This means, in any given situation, knowing not just what to think but HOW to think in ways that will get them better and better and better outcomes so that they combine excellence and success in life with optimum pleasure, joy and happiness!

The tools and techniques of NLP give a rich and powerful toolkit which when used, gives you the ability to:

  • Run your brain rather than your brain running you!
  • Recognise, challenge and change limiting beliefs.
  • Learn HOW to think and to be able to direct your thinking in the right direction to get positive and powerful outcomes in life.
  • Have a greater curiosity about yourself and others and about just what is possible!
  • Be flexible in thinking and behaviour - to be confident that if what you are doing isn't working - you can do something else!
  • Access great states such as confidence, motivation, happiness so that you can feel good whilst you achieve great results!
  • Manage challenging situations (there will be some, life has a habit of popping them up from time to time!) positively and to retain a sense of being in control as you handle yourself, situations and people positively and successfully.
  • Put past difficulties firmly where they belong, to have freedom from the past and to plan for a positive and joyful future.
  • Communicate well with self and others in personal and business life.
  • Use language elegantly and powerfully - it really helps!
  • Understand the perspectives, behaviour and experience of other people and get better results from relationships both at work and in personal life.

Used as intended, the attitudes and methods and technology of NLP enable people to achieve results that they would previously wished for but not believed possible...

When would now be a good time for you to learn about using the tools and techniques of NLP so that you can make that change?

It could be the difference that makes the difference
in your personal or professional life!

Bridget Clapham with Dr Richard Bandler
Bridget Clapham with Dr Richard Bandler
Photograph published with written permission
of Dr Richard Bandler

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent but the most responsive to changeclose quotes

Charles Darwin

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I had had panic attacks over 15 years following a series of car crashes. I saw many therapists over that period and none were able to help me. After one session with Bridget I felt relaxed and confident as a passenger and was able to travel in the front seat for the first time in 15 years. Thank you, this has helped so much. My husband says he has the old "me" back. That's how it feels, we can't stop smiling!!!

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